Kandi 10K All-Electric UTV Model Achieves EU EEC Certificatio

JINHUA, CHINA, May 21, 2024 -- Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ GS: KNDI) (“Kandi” or the “Company”), a leading distributor of all-electric personal transportation and utility vehicles, today announced the certification of its 10K all-electric UTV model by the European Economic Community (EEC)This achievement confirms that the product meets the European Union's high standards for safety, quality, and performance, preparing it for its market debut within the EU.




10K all-electric UTV


The EEC certification, a mandatory compliance measure based on EU directives, acts as a crucial entry requirement for vehicles and their components within the EU market. Renowned for its rigorous and authoritative standards, this certification underscores the model's advanced design and manufacturing quality. The Kandi 10K all-electric UTV underwent extensive testing and thorough evaluations, affirming the company's excellence in product development and manufacturing.


Dr. Xueqin Dong, CEO of Kandi stated, “We are pleased that the Kandi 10K all-electric UTV model has received the EU EEC certification, a significant milestone that sets the stage for its launch in the EU. We anticipate a positive reception and strong performance across the Union.”


Kandi continues to lead through innovation and maintains the highest standards of quality, further solidifying its global presence.